Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tired of same old me.

I can't stop this feeling I've got, all the colors in my room have changed. Life is founded in mystery...we are never where we wanna be.

Can´t stop what I’ve been feeling. Life is a mystery in our life, we should live it. Colors change for no good reason. I see my rights or wrongs, sometimes i do not. I’m not myself tonight. I’m not on my best behavior. I may fight you may disagree. 

Whatever is crawling in my skin is a mystery...I can't stop this feeling I've got. Sometimes life looks like sort of deyavu the same old story... same old me.

I´m so tired of the same old me...I’m so tired of running and jumping one and one half steps behind. But i can´t stop this feeling I´ve got and this sun tattoo on my skin that reminds I must keep walking, keep dreaming...keep fighting...

Breathe. Just a big what I need.  We are always changing; we are always full of mysteries to live, to know.

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