Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Love will be enough

Better wake up
everyday is full of surprise
bottomless pockets
for addictions and hate
better rise
to reach extreme heights
shining on my own

cuz someday love
will find me
wishing on my airplane
waiting all alone
cuz someday freedom
will find me
flying at altitudes
like an anser indicus
traveling to a high place
cuz someday love
will be enough
and u and me in one beat
and u and me one melody
another great song
cuz someday ill shine a little more
powerful colors like the cigar galaxy

now im driving holding my breath
cuz only u...turn my nights into days
now like stars i blink
cuz only u...can have my heart
now I´m taking my heart and gettin me out
cuz love is deep can make us happy or sad
cuz love is sharing and so much more
now im taking out all of my strength
cuz Still I fight...on and on
cuz love is believe and so much more

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